After being burned to death, Claudia wakes up as a baby and was greeted by who she thought was the princess from her past life. She then realize she had been reincarnated and the people who used magic had extinct. As life goes on in a world where technology advanced, much to her surprise, and espers roam everywhere. While trying to move forward in such era, Claudia will face trouble as people from her past began to appear one by one, conflicted between the past and the present, and the fact she had to live by while hiding her magic.

Beginning Arc
Chapter 1: My Mother is a Princess
Chapter 2: The Existence Called Magic
Chapter 3: Haunted Flame
Chapter 4: Lingering Fears
Chapter 5: The Magic of Science
Chapter 6: Magic and science
Chapter 7: ESP Test
Chapter 8: Unknown
Chapter 9: Choices 
Chapter 10; Praetor Academy & Institution

 Kidnapping Arc
Chapter 11: Another Reunion
Chapter 12: Glimpse of the Past
Chapter 13: Loranne's Power
Chapter 14: Heads Rolling
Chapter 15: Fertilizer Kidnapper
Chapter 16: First Witness
Chapter 17: The Search I
Chapter 18: The Search II
Chapter 19: The Search III
Chapter 20: The Search IV
Chapter 21: The Search V
Chapter 22: The Search VI or my second tittle for this, The Spirit, Hod
Chapter 23: The Killer Mole
Chapter 24: Esper VS Magician 
Chapter 25: The Witch Known as Claudia
Chapter 26: Black Magic
Chapter 27: The Girl with Green Eyes
Chapter 28: The End of the Serial Kidnapping----or is It?

 Loranne's Arc
Chapter 29: Unexpected Family Visit 
Chapter 30: Unexpected Family Visit II 
Chapter 31: Loranne's Secret
Chapter 32: The Sinner's Mark 
Chapter 33: Witch Detective Claudia 
Chapter 34: Loranne's Past
Chapter 35: True Feelings
Chapter 36: The Break-In
Chapter 37: Internet Spirit, Zilla
Chapter 38: Spirit's Aren't Outdated
Chapter 39: Witch Detective Claudia On the Move
Chapter 40: Lora's Identity
Chapter 41: The Headless Truth 
Chapter 42: Reaching Toward the Conclusion 
Chapter 43: The Witch Arrival
Chapter 44:  The Way She Lives
Chapter 45: Farewells.

School Trouble Arc
Chapter 46: Another Everyday Life
Chapter 47: Wordless Magic
Chapter 48: A School Guest or a School Threat?  
Chapter 49: Conversation Above the Tree 
Chapter 50: S Class
Chapter 51: Deja Vu 
Chapter 52: Ants are Fearsome
Chapter 53: Computers can Talk too
Chapter 54: S Class Secret
Chapter 55: The Owl
Chapter 56: The Past Relationship
Chapter 57: Strix
Chapter 58: Dale's Pleading
Chapter 59: The Forgotten Charm
Chapter 60: The Owl Strikes
Chapter 61: Witch Trial 
Chapter 62: Witch Trial II 
Chapter 63: The Meaning of Those Words
Chapter 64: A Mother's Concern
Chapter 65: Lost Bond

Terrorist Attack Arc
Chapter 66: Start of the Attack
Chapter 67: Anti-Esper Terrorist
Chapter 68: A Gummy Grudge
Chapter 69: Shared Secrets
Chapter 70: Phase Two
Chapter 71: The Mask's Apperance
Chapter 72: Descending...Wonder Owl
Chapter 73: All Names should be Respected
Chapter 74: A Hero's Calling
Chapter 75: Undercover
Chapter 76: Another Broken Character
Chapter 77: The Loyalty of Class S
Chapter 78: Plan in Action
Chapter 79: Eternal
Chapter 80: 5 Minutes to Boom
Chapter 81: Praetor's Flame
Chapter 82: Most Wanted

A 'Normal' School Arc
Chapter 83: My Ability


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