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Chapter 23: The Killer Mole

Chapter 23 is out! At first I had wanted the title to be The Confrontation, but then I thought 'nah, too simple' so in the end, the title turned out like that.
Also, the language I use this time for the spell uses a mix of german and old norse language since it was hard to make a proper sentence with old norse, so if anyone tries to google translate it out of curiosity, i'm sure it would only sound gibberish.

anyway, enjoy!

My name is Jacob.
            Last name you say? No, I’m only Jacob. Since I had long forsaken my name long ago, I went by the name Jacob. To other people, I go by different aliases; [Head Slasher], [Death Wisp], [Slayer Hand], and many others around the world. Recently, I’ve been known for one nickname the FBI had came up for me.
            [The Killer Mole]
            I heard because I kept popping up in different place, making it harder for them to catch me, they branded me a mole-like name. Seriously, what’s with that lame name? Can the FBI be more creative? They could at least make something more catchy and cool; do you know what I mean?
            Anyway, it’s been roughly 15 years I worked as a killer for hire. However, my first client who I had been contract with and my benefactor as well had given me an interesting job after he held curiosity of an esper’s brain development.
            Well, even for me killing kids didn’t sit well for me at first, but one thing I’m most proud about myself would be the ability to adapt. In these 15 years, no matter what the situation, I always act accordingly even when the most unexpected thing was thrown in my way is what I always thought.
            However, anyone would be thrown off when a small child used a middle finger on you.
            I had gotten back from retrieving an interesting girl I had come by. Before, even though she was invisible I had noticed the difference in light, rather turning invisible she was more like cloaking herself and she was new to it too, she didn’t even hid the sound of her footsteps as she ran off, how adorable that was.
            Tracking her down was a piece of cake. I had a time off as I went to do work of other clients. It’s so funny when I think once they had nothing to do with children, they couldn’t pinpointed it to me. It was mostly thank to my Morphing Ability that made it easier going in and out with a different face.
            So, while checking the girl’s ability, one of the surveillance monitor had to interrupted me. Turning it to full screen, that one girl appeared.
            After I had the girl locked with the others, I teleported to the end of the hallway she was taking. Somehow, I wanted to try testing her so I planned to go up to her ask her as if she was lost and led her out. Slowly, as to not to startle her, I walked up toward where I had last seen her in the monitor. The wall and floor started expanding after I walked up to the spacious parking lot.
            I tried searching for her, but the silent lot gave no sign of anyone present. Then, a high pitch sound echoed, I felt my head was about to overcome with drowsiness.
             [Bregða, drehen und brydda. Bregða Qr]
            I heard foreign words that came from behind, I turned my head to find something I did not believe was an arrow-shape wind coming toward me at frightening speed. [miðgarð , greifer] there was a sudden bulge on my feet and saw the floor covered my feet. “WHAT THE FU—”
            A sudden burst gave tremor to the entire floor, creating a cloud of dust.
“Did I get him?”
            I can’t help but feel optimistic when I said it, but based on experience, when things were looking up and forgot to look down, you’ll end up falling instead.  Without stepping out from behind the pillar I was hiding behind. I had tried to went all out by using ancient language. Because spells depend on the power of words, it is said the older the words the stronger the spell.
            My master once told me that because magic is a gift from God, the first magic should have been taught with the first language born in this world. Master also said there’s a theory that there existed a particular language called the Language of God and learning it is the wish of all magician. However, the language is too old for it to left any record and what was left was old language that had evolved with time.
The only ancient language I’m familiar are old Norse, Latin, and Wicca.
            When the dust finally subsided, there was a trace of my Wind Arrows. Creating a crater that would fit three to four cars inside.
“Did I over did it?”
“You quite did.”
The sound behind me froze my heart; I turned at him only to have my neck faced on the blade his hand had turned in to. My back was drenched in sweat as I could only gulp my own saliva. When did he get behind me?
Without knowing much of my opponent’s ability, I never intended making a full confrontation. That’s why, after I had Hod make sure the number of my enemies, I waited to ambushed him. I even went as far to make him unconscious first with my recorder that I had enchanted, immobilized him with Earth Magic and went full out with my Wind Magic.
I saw blood dripping from his mouth, this guy—he bit his mouth to force himself awake. Then how did he get out from that situation? I know this guy has the evolved form of shape shifting, the Morphing Ability that let’s your body changed into inorganic material. As far I know though, there’s no way he could get away with just that.
Don’t tell me….he’s a dual ability user? If he is, then most likely his second ability would be teleportation. I just hope he doesn’t have a third.
After being caught off guard, the recorder in my hand drop and rolled toward the man’s feet. He didn’t kill me immediately then it seems he’s interested what I had used on him. His face was smiling but his eyes gave a cruel and angry look on me yet with a hint of interest.
“You…what did you just use on me?” he said with a demanding rather than a curious tone. Look, he’s curious, just as I plan it would be!
Well, I was mostly betting on it actually.
“Is this how you usually ask people?”
I went silent at his response, without being surprise at his answer.
I somehow escaped by a hairbreadth and head toward the source of the voice I heard. When I saw the glimpse of the child I saw, I had no doubt she was the perpetrator. She had a slightly curl black hair ran by her shoulder, her red distinctive cheekbone on her white skin, thin eyebrows, and clear sea green eyes. Wearing a shocking pink jacket over her shirt, along with shorts and flower patterned shoes, I'm surprised how she could get in here with such clothing. 
“Is this how you usually ask people?”
It had staggered me how she conversed nonchalantly with me. I had asked her of her ability out of habit, but that question was far from what I had thought.
            Who are you—is what I’d liked to ask.
            Whenever someone came to assassinate me, rather than whom s/he was, or what they came for, their powers were the only thing I ever took notice. However, when I look at the girl’s eye, who I suspect is barely 10 years old, looking straight at me without a hint of fear and the hidden desire to kill.
I knew she was not normal.
            Who the hell is this kid? again that thought pointlessly ran across my mind. If I hadn’t turn my hand into a dagger, they’re probably be wet from sweat by now, since this is the first time I felt fear from not knowing what I’m facing.
“I’m not sure what kind of ability you have, but I’m sure my client would be more than happy to examine you thoroughly for it.”
“I see—you have a client, quite a business you’re running here.”
“It’s a pleasantly tiring job though.”
“Pleasant is it….” her voice and eyes turn dark and then she took a step back while spitting out something from her mouth. I knew from a glance it was a round pebble, oddly enough there was a small symbol on it. It was a harmless small pebble, but my instinct I’ve build up for 15 years started screaming for me to run.
I jumped out from my previous position, and saw it turning into a black orb and destroying its surrounding. Looking at its power, for a bomb it was neither strong nor weak. It was probably enough to make anyone limp upon close contact. However, when I look at the aftermath, there weren’t any burn marks. Both the floor and the pillar near it had a part as if it had been cleanly scoop out and there weren't any rubles around. I wasn’t sure at first, but clearly that bomb didn't destroy, it just obliterate its surrounding. For the first time in my years of killing, cold sweat began trickle down my back. 

Shit, she could even make a warp hole, there’s a limit in being ridiculous! 

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  1. Black hole? To me the effect looked more like a warp grenade. Of course a black hole is a lot scarier. What if it gets out of control?
    With her understanding of modern science, she could probably do fusion and fission. Less scarier than a black hole, but should terrify an adult since it's a 10 year old doing it.

    1. Just reread the previous chapter. Claudia is 7 not 10. Which make what she's doing all the more terrifying to adults.

  2. Just a thought... be interesting to see what a CSI team will make of the aftermath of this fight.

    If I haven't tell you I'l tell you now, I love this story. Looking forward for the next chapter.

    1. You've told me before and I really appreciate that you enjoy it :). Don't forget this is a sci-fi crime involving esper ability is quite common. Also, there's no need to be afraid of out of control black hole since there's a limited amount of mana stored in the stone.

  3. Thank u always for ur great work...

    Both feel fear from the opponent, but the first show it will lose...