Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Chapter 16: First Witness

"What are you doing here?" I asked with a low tone, "You're asking me what, but what about you? Eavesdropping on the teacher's meeting will get you in trouble you know."
          I don't want to hear that from you!
          "Leaving that aside though, are you going to spread what you've heard before?"
          "Are you joking? I don't want to spread a serial killer is here in the city, people will definitely get paranoid and who knows what that nut job might do next."
            Dale widen his eyes at my answer then smile once more, "That's a wise decision,  if you had intend to tell anyone I would've asked Rick to erase your memory"
            Did this guy just threaten me with that annoying fake smile of his? As I thought, he's a scary guy in many ways more than one. 
             "But Dale, what about you? You even went the trouble hiding here to eavesdrop them, so what are you planning"
            "Nothing really, I'm just curious about the current incident we've been having so I thought I could get some Intel." 
            I gave him a suspicious look, but Dale didn't seem to budge. I let out a sigh and tried to go back to class while forgetting what I heard when Dale voiced out his thoughts. 
          "By the way, I've heard this serial murderer have been going on for 5 years, the first incident in Oklahoma, 45 missing children, all first grader. Second incident in Florida, 34 missing children, all second grader. Third incident , in Washington DC, 27 missing children, all third grader. Fourth incident in Tennessee, 32 missing children, all fourth graders. All of them missing within the period of three months every year, as if the culprit is aiming for one generation."
           I stared at him,  startled, why is telling me this? "I thought if I tell you this, something interesting might happen."
         "What part of me makes you say that?"
        He pondered a bit then shrug, "just a hunch, if nothing happen then that's fine too." Dale left before me, leaving me in my own thoughts from his words. What exactly does he think I'm capable of? 
Dinner at home went on as usual, Karen sneakily gave Galbraith  leftover food, father complaining about his work and colleagues while joking around with us, mother watching peculiar news she had interest, the only one different was Beth. 
          Unlike her usual loud self, she was eating silently while playing with her food. Mother asked if she didn't have any appetite which she denied. When the news changed about the missing fifth graders from all over schools which total to 22 children. Beth flinched at the news. 
         "This is really scary, I'm glad they had all the fifth graders take a day off, but how are they going to catch the kidnapper."
            "I'm sure the police has a plan, but it won't be safe just because the fifth graders aren't going to school."
            "That's true."
            "I'm going to bed early" Beth got up from her chair, put out the dishes and went back to her room. "Beth is really acting strange." Father pointed out.
            "It can't be helped, probably she knows most of the missing students. Wouldn't it be a shock knowing your friends suddenly disappear. I think it's better to leave her alone until she takes it all in." Karen explained. 
            I get what my sister had meant, but I can't get this feeling out of my mind that she was hiding something. When dinner was over, I knocked Beth's door room to let me come in. "Go away!" She respond. I was taken aback because she never reject me going to her room. As expected, something is wrong. 
              Luckily, Beth forgot to lock the door to her room(as usual) and Went in. "What do you want?" She didn't sound irritated, rather she sound dejected. She was covering herself in her blanket with the room dimly lit. 
            I climbed on her bed and sat beside her. We were silent for a while before Beth herself breaks the ice. "I saw it...."
           Her words intrigued me, I asked what she saw and she began trembling, she held my hand as if scared that the moment she says it, she would be taken away. 
          "Claudy, do you know what kind of ability telekinesis is?"
         I wasn't sure where she was going with this, but in the mean time, I should answer her. "Hmm, if I'm not wrong, it's the ability to bend matter with the power of your mind." Beth nodded at my answer, she then continued. 
          "Few days ago, I had a certain thought of bending light, and after a few experiment, I was able to turn myself invisible."
            What???? She could do that already! Right now, there's still no one with telekinesis  that could do that and you're telling me you made such breakthrough. My sister is really a genius. 
           "I heard rumors there were people from my grade that was bullying you so I thought of pranking them and waited to ambush them at their usual hang out."
          She shuddered for a moment and took a deep breath before she continued, "When I saw them, there was an Asian man following them. I didn't want to prank them in front of people so I only silently followed beside the three."
          "The man called out to them, at first they tried ignoring them but...." Her words began to quiver, but she persist on continuing. "I....it happened so fast, the man turned his hand into a giant sword, he cut away their heads in an instant. Blood was flowing everywhere, and I...I only stood there, I couldn't even say anything, and I let them died."
        Finally Beth break down crying, I couldn't even fathom what it's like being through a traumatized experience all by herself. Wait, unfortunately I could.
        Most of all, no one could have imagine Beth would be the first witness of a serial murder. I snap myself out before I began comforting her."Sis, there was nothing you could do at that time and no one expected you too. I'm just glad the killer didn't notice you."
       Beth choked at her own tears and tried to steady her own breathing. "You're wrong..." She finally said, "by the time he was finished with them, he suddenly turn to where I stood, I was positive my power was active, but he stood looking straight at me for few seconds, and then...."
       I gulped down my own saliva, she looked at me with horrified face and said this, "he smiled." 

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