Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Chapter 17: The Search I

The sun was shinning longer than usual, since it's summer it should be expected but I was never a fan of heat. 
          While wiping off the sweat on my forehead, I was focusing on the task in hand. On my right, a bowl of herbs crushed in it. On my left, three tubes with different liquid inside. Ahead of me is a bowl of chicken livers being cooked. 
         Inside this small shack in the middle of a forest, no one should become victims even if I fail. I steel my self and threw everything what I had on hand.
         Half an hour later. 
         "Claudia, what the hell is this?" waiting to eat dinner was my Master, yet what was served was a never before seen green dish with a strange odor. "As you can see, it's liver stew" 
         "Well, because I can't see it that's why I'm asking, beside that, I can't even see this as food. Do you have a grudge against me or something?" 
           "How rude!" I said with my cheeks puffed. In the end, miss Adele dished out her own food after anticipating my failure. After we had dinner a question in mind suddenly popped. "Master, there's something I liked to ask you",
           "What is it?" 
           "Why are we putting up ourselves from being hated by people even though we never done anything to them, why are our powers being hated so much?" 
           Master looked at me with glaring eyes, but I knew it was his usual face when he's being serious. "Then I'll ask you, if someone wished to turn into a devil, would anyone try to understand him, not to mention liking him?"
           I couldn't retort an answer and stayed silent in the end. "If you understand, don't ask ridiculous questions"
          I pouted and murmured words master was able to pick up, "That's not fair, if we're devils, then are people supposed to be angels, judging us by being crueler than us?"
          Master laughed at my words, saying I have a point. "Let's see if I have to retort your words, then aren't devils beings from the heaven that had fallen after disrespecting their Creator? In other words, both devils and angels came from the same place and only the other has fallen, or rather in our case, we choose to fall. It's only natural for those above us to look down and test our fate as we struggle."
          Somehow, I wanted to retort my master's words and wipe off that smug look he had. "However, do they deserved to be called angels when they would steal, con, and kill each other?" Miss Adele gave her own opinion. Unexpectedly, master gave a small lonely smile answered her, "True, in the end, we are neither angels nor devils, we're all just pitiful humans being true to our desires."
Four days had passed since Beth told me what happened, ever since then she refused to leave the house, and at times, refused to leave her room. 
           That's why right now, after lying to my parents about a late supplementary lesson. I went toward fifth grade's class 3, searching for the desk belong to Marton. It was an effort of checking every drawer with books that had his name on it. 
          The desk I found was placed at a window seat, two seats from behind. Since this is the second floor, it's a great place to see the foggy mountains from afar and the yard where the Physical Class would use. 
          I rummaged his desk, there were few books and notebooks, mostly filled with scribbles. A jar with crickets inside, stationary, jersey, underwear----I'll pretend I didn't see that. 
          The plan I have in mind, is to use my magic to track down at least the remains of one of the three boys and hopefully finding any clues to the killer's whereabouts. 
           With one's possession, it's possible to track down its owner. However, the success rate is 70/30 chances and it's already been a week since their disappearance.  That's why the ideal item for a search spell is using an item that the owner always or frequently used....
             Among the objects there, when thinking a frequently used object, I made a glance at a certain object used to protect a private part of a boy's body. 
            No, no, no, no, no. 
            There's still the notebooks and stationary, I'm sure they'd be just as helpful. However, the books looks like he barely used them, and if he used newly bought stationary then it'd useless. 
          Again, I glanced at the underwear and heaved a sigh heavier than any before.
           Oh God, do I have to?
Just got home from searching a dorm, found a good place near campus :)

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