Saturday, November 21, 2015

Hello and sorry

To all loyal readers.
I'm sorry to say because of my jam packed schedule, I couldn't find any time to finish this week novel. That's why instead, my friend had suggested me posting tips in writing when I showed her one where I give suggestion to another friend. Because I'm still inexperience, it might not be much but enjoy this [9 Tips of Writing] until the next chapter.

1. Preserve; the hardest thing about writing is getting the idea yet you're too tired or lazy to write.

2. Write at every idle time, why I was able to post in time is because I write whenever there's nothing to do, even if it's only 5 minutes or just writing your future idea, it helps a lot.

3. Stealing is good! okay it's not that good, but the stealing I'm talking is not plagiarism. It's using other ideas and making your own, similar to fan fiction or artist covering another artist's songs in their own unique way. The challenge is to make it original as possible with other's idea as inspiration. Though after I read it again, there are some part in my story that wasn't original enough since I'm out of ideas, I plan to revise it in the future.

4. The other challenge in writing is connecting one idea with the other. If it's me, first I write the most important scene of the story, then I just write as many scenario as possible and use the the best story. Afterward don't post it yet, wait for at least 3 days before you read it again to find mistakes in words(which I usually suck at) or the story itself. What you need to be careful is making sure the story makes sense. No matter how interesting the story, if it's too absurd or doesn't make sense then readers might lose interest. You need to make sure there's no loose ends in the story because the more realistic it is, the more easy it is to relate with the characters.

5. If you're writing a fiction, you need to make sure the readers know how your world works, in other word the setting. For me, this is one of the difficult part. For example when I started this story, imagining a world with esper, I asked myself. How were they born? How does the people react? What kind of education system use on them? Are they minority or majority? How do they divide their skill or rank? What kind of test do they use to find if they are esper? You need to ask yourself as many question as possible and design the setting of your world.

6. Characters aren't perfect. I think you've seen many reincarnated story where the MC became OP. honestly it might be interesting at first, but it became boring in the long run. If the MC is too perfect then there won't be much room for s/he to grow. Don't neglect the support chara or antagonist as well. You don't need to be afraid if they overshadow the MC, you just need to make the MC better as the story goes along.

7. Story development; you need to know what part of the story you'll be developing and part of the story you'll be focusing, It could be about the drama between people, or the mystery that incite curiosity, it could be about how the character use effort to achieve his/her goal. My story focused how Claudia will grow and adapt while being stuck in the present and past.

8. Grasp your character's character. I recommend if you keep a note of your character's description in feature and set of mind. There are some stories where I found most of the character had similar mind set, it'd be more interesting if you show the different characters approaching a problem.

9. The ending is important. The process itself is good and fun, but having an unexpected and satisfying ending is hard. Because you only have three choices.

  • Good ending.
  • Bad ending.
  • Sad ending. (I think sad ending could be seen good or bad depending on the point of view but it still makes you sad.)
I can't really find any other ending than that, but there's a loose ending where the story is over but still many question remains but I don't think of that as a legit ending. Usually you would find the ending predictable in most story, especially when you reach a climax of a novel, which is why I feel some novels though have great story, the ending was either too predictable or just plain suck, leaving a bad aftertaste. The same as eating a cake but your tea became bitter afterward. That's why never stop arranging your ending. Whether you want it good or bad ending, make it something satisfying for th reader so when they close the book they would sigh and said 'that was fun'
For now that's all, hope it helps to you book lovers.


  1. I didnt read any tips i just came to comment and say "your novel is getting more views which is bad cuz i want this novel to be mine and mine alone AhAHaahaHaAhAhHaHhah!" Thats all

    1. Well aren't you a greedy little fan. Hahahaha.

  2. A friend of mine still haven't post the first chapter of his story after posting the prologue nearly a year ago because he still wasn't satisfied with the chapter.
    Being a perfectionist has its downside. Thankfully you're not a perfectionist and we can enjoy the story more than once a month.

    Personally I hate loose endings even more than sad endings or even bad endings. That's why I like the new trend in several web novels of having extra chapters set after the official endings to tie up loose ends. They're neither action packed nor do they even have any antagonists, just stories of what happened to the characters or the world after the ending.