Sunday, September 13, 2015

Today is.....

Hello loyal readers of Witch Life, just so you know.....


I had a great time today with my friends but unfortunately separated with my family.

It would be good if that's all I had to tell you but unfortunately I have a 'not so good' news.

Due to assignments piling up they'll be no chapter this week. I hope I get it done enough time for me to put on it 2 weeks later, or at least in 8-10 days.

I guess this is going to happen sooner or later *sigh*

Anyway, please forgive me for the delay and I hope you'll continue reading and enjoying Claudia's life.

Next Chapter: Internet Spirit; Zilla


  1. !!!!Happy birthday!!!! XD, and dont worry, complete assignments is more important, besides it's not like if you were to abandon this proyect,.... right?

    1. Definitely not, the story comes to me whether I like it or not. Also thank you :)

  2. Is it still the 13th?
    Happy Birthday!

    1. Sadly you're late............but don't worry I post this late at night so no wonder you might read it late, anyway thank you :)

  3. Happy birthday i'm gonna mark this day on my calendar for next year (i am not too late to say HB right?) Also what about the loyal commenters who always comment here (me and the 2 above me) no mention for us?

    1. Yes you are, but hey most of my friends also had a late birthday greeting since it's only been a month I wen to college so it's fine so thanks.

      Also a few words for my dearest readers and commenters.

      Thank you.

      Nothing more, nothing less, a simple yet meaningful words that express my dearest gratitude. (damn, that was poetic)