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Chapter 68: A Gummy Grudge

I rode the elevator and pushed for the highest floor in this building, thinking I might get some insight if I took a wide look at the school. As the elevator continued I waited impatiently, at the sound of the smoothly lifted metal box and the elevator speaker softly played an old song called the Gummy Bear.

            It was supposed to be a nerve breaking situation and knowing that I'll be risking myself, trying to get through a school swarmed with armed men and with zero information. Instead, I became more annoyed at every second I heard that cheery song that was playing was out of place from the current atmosphere. Maybe because I was the only one in the elevator, the soft song echoed inside, making it hard for me to concentrate on a plan. At the time, when the song went 'Gummy, Gummy, Gummy, Gummy' it had hit a different nerve in me and out of rage, I sent a spell at the speaker, crushing it in result. The speaker fell off and the song began to dimly play until it stopped completely. It took me a moment before I realized I had damaged school property and the guilt overwhelmed me. "......I'll just blame it on someone else."

            A soft ding was heard and I knew I had arrived at the rooftop. However, when the door parted open, I froze after spotting several men garbed in black shirts and navy pants. It took me only a glance to know there were at least ten of them here. The nearest man was a few feet away from me, so I was glad that the sound of the elevator didn't reach them and that they were focused on something else.

            A static sound then caused me to raise my guard up, I look for the source of it and my heart filled with dread by the time I did.

            *Oh I'm a yummy, tummy, funny, lucky Gummy Bear! *

             For some reason, even though the speaker was half crushed, the song played again at the worst possible timing, and with a louder volume to boot. As you'd have guessed, all eyes present were on me, and I could only smile dryly while my heart could only cry.

            Curse you GUMMY BEAR!

            Without even trying to question me, they had all set their rifles on me and had begun shooting and at the same time the door was closing. I jumped to the side and barely made it out unscathed. I randomly pressed a button and I was just glad I lived through it.
            *Gummy, Gummy, Gummy, Gummy, Gummy Be-*

            [Air Crush]

            Before it finished its last word, I made sure I crushed it permanently. Ever since then, I had an indescribable grudge against Gummy Bears. I know I'm over reacting, but this is what happens when you're stressed out. Another ding sound and I looked at the panel, to see where I had stopped, it was the second floor.  

            I had failed to scout the school from above, so I guess I should try another way to scout. Unfortunately for me, the moment the door parted open again, another set of armed men were on the other side, but from my standpoint they lined up cleanly with guns pointed and facing the elevator, I could tell they were expecting me.

            Oh crap, now that I think about it, those guys should have informed their comrades below of a girl using the elevator right? Why couldn't I think of that?

            "Come out with us little girl, and know you won't get hurt."

             Now, I've certainly put myself in jeopardy, can I still escape even if I surrender first? I can try uttering a spell now, but the slightest sense of suspicion could lay a bullet in either part of my body, I’d prefer it if I don't risk fatal injury.

             Oh who cares anymore! I'll just think of the consequences later.

             "What are you doing? Hurry it u-"

             The man that ordered me fell silent, it couldn't be helped because a hole had appeared on his face, right through his cheeks. Revealing his grotesque mouth, drenched in blood and parts of the muscle underneath was revealed.

              The others were surprised, but before they could react, the 'culprit' had shot another two and they were all too late to react when facing the betrayal of their own comrades.

             "Mate, what kind of shit are you playing here? Stop shooting at us!" One of the men said trying to fight back by disabling his former comrade with a locking move he made from behind.

            "I....can' moving on its own!" his face was pale and it seemed he couldn't even control his expression with him, keeping a poker face. He shot his friend's leg, escaping from his grasp and turned to shoot him numerous times.

            Before long, the group of five men were annihilated. The last man standing then threw away his rifle and took out his pistol, aiming it at his head and then shot himself, leaving the floor covered in bloodshed, corpses and the scent of iron that driven me sick to my stomach as I never liked it. I could only stare dumbfounded, I tried to process what I've seen, but still question the unbelievable scene happened?

            Because of the sudden carnage, it took me a moment later when I realized the presence of another. The elevator door couldn't close because of the corpse in the way. I put my guard up and try to peek at the third party, but before I could he had grabbed on to my hand and pulled me out to his side, surprising me in the process.

           "Are you okay Claudia?"

            I almost kicked whoever it was on the groin, until I heard his tone of concern for me, I took a good look at his face, realizing that a friend had come for me.


As the events kept unfolding at the Praetor Academy & Institution, the media and authorities had already caught wind of it and were surrounding the school as we speak.

            Worried families and friends were unable to get any closer, due to the barricade the police had put up around the school. Many cried, many shouted, and many more prayed for the well-being of their loved ones.

            Detective Robertson along with the rest of the police were present. Almost the whole police department were on deck including him, there wasn't need for him to think twice when he knew his precious niece was inside that hell hole. Thanks to him, Claudia's parents could stay by his side and stay up to date with the recent situation.

             "Steve, how are they? How are my kids? Is there any news? What do those terrorist want?" Adrianne Robertson badgered her brother-in-law with the same question every five minutes. Both he and Michael tried their best to calm her down but it began to feel useless. Not long after, the FBI finally arrived with their SWAT team at the scene. Two black SUV cars came and parked near them along with a few ARVs that followed suit. Above, he noticed two helicopters that weren't there before had come along as well.

            Steven came up to Captain Ford, Deputy Chief of his Homeland Security Division, knowing she was leading the counter terrorism plan. He found him talking with two of her subordinates, probably giving orders to calm the masses down. "Chief, the FBI's here." informed the detective. The Chief turned around and found a team of men and women in black and grey suits, one of them was a man he had read about before. He had an oblong face, a lightly trimmed brown beard, a fraction of his hair was dyed gold, hooded stormy grey eyes and he had a distinctive mole at the side of his roman nose. Captain Ford walked toward that familiar face who he knew, was leading this team. "Agent Hawk, I'm glad you finally arrived. My name is Alexandra Ford, Deputy Chief of Homeland Security."

            Agent Hawk took a glance at the black woman from her cleanly bob cut hair to her black podiatry shoes. "Nice to meet you Captain Ford, it seems you've already read my profile so let’s cut the conversation short, what's the current status?" 

            "According to what we know, the terrorist had infiltrated the school at 2 P.M. today, a witness claims to have seen, from the other side of the crossroad that there was a herd of black cars crashing through the car entrance of the school. The last car that went in stopped to shoot the two guards on duty and the gates were then closed automatically. The witnesses immediately dialled for 911 and didn't move from her spot until the police arrived. All the entrances are locked and the security system is on, leaving no gap to enter in this school." She said in a clean string of sentences. The two started to saunter toward one of the SUVs which were equipped with surveillance and hacking tools.

            "Are you sure there's absolutely no gap?" he continued asking.

            "We have recently gained the data for the school's blueprint, hopefully we find a way for someone to get in." 

            "Or how they planned to get out, because this is no simple act of terrorism Captain."

            "I'm aware, we're dealing one of the Anti-Esper factions that deals in terrorism. They've been causing problems around the state as of late, but to target a school full of children has certainly crossed more line than one. I have reminded my men to stay sharp if such a scenario like this ever happens again. So I'm sure we are prepared for whatever may come."

             "No one can ever be prepared for a disaster Captain, not even when they know it will happen. Including this case." Captain Ford slightly squinted her eyes confused, she would have asked what he meant if she wasn't cut off by another question. 

            "Has there been any contact from the terrorist or news about the employees and students currently in the school?"

             "Unfortunately no, we're pulling out all of our resources to know what's happening inside, but so far there is no luck as of yet." 

            "Then we'll have more luck using our resources, I just recently got word that both student and teachers were being held in separate buildings, and that there's a good likelihood that the principal is dead." 

             "Principal Poughvickle is...." silence came to Captain Ford, she would usually snicker whenever she heard his name mentioned but today she couldn't. She wasn't particularly close but she met him many times and he was a good listener too. "He is a social man you know, many would surely mourn his death." 

            "Let's make sure we don't have to mourn more than we have to."

             "CHIEF!" Captain Ford turned toward the one calling, Detective Robertson rushed as fast as possible to deliver news. Literally a piece of news. "Please look at this!" the Detective showed his superior his smartphone and had his superior wear his earphones, so that the loud masses around them wouldn't interfere. Agent Hawk moved closer to them and the phone played a live news report, broadcasting a video claimed to have been sent by the terrorist. 

              The video started with a man wearing a black ski mask, his voice was higher, indicating it was falsified, the background also tells that they were on the rooftop. He stated his affiliation of being part of the Anti-Esper Faction and that he will have one of the hostage to speak about their purpose. They turned the video to a girl, Detective Robertson could hear the surroundings gasp at the same time. Anyone would, when they saw the horrid expression of the child with a gun pointed at zero distance to her head. Her eyes and nose was red, and her hair disheveled, her mouth kept quivering even after she started reading the purpose of the terrorist, to fight to the last breath until the act of eradicating espers is fulfilled. The video mostly boasted of their actions so far. Once she was done, one of the terrorist held her hair and she screamed, the camera fell sideways and a few seconds later was cut. 

            "Another nut job trying to get attention for this." 

            "However, we can say be sure of one thing." said Agent Hawk as he turned to take a good look at the school and resting his hand on his waist. "Those people aren't from the Anti-Esper Faction, they aren't even terrorist"

            At the absurd revelation, both the Captain and the Detective had their jaws drop and they tried to cry in protest of his reasoning, but the FBI agent had trotted away to inform his peers. 

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